Spring Blooms in Jeju-do March 12!


This year, Jeju-do is expected to be the first to greet spring. According to Kweather, forsythia will bloom in Jeju-do around March 12 and spread north to Busan and Jeonju region March 14-22, and finally reach Seoul and other central regions March 25- April 1. Another popular spring flower, azaleas are expected to brighten Jeju-do and Busan near March 15 and spread throughout the nation.

The flowers are expected to reach their peak one week after blooming. Therefore, the most flowers can be seen at their most beautiful state in after March 19 in Jeju, around March 21-April 2 in the southern regions, and April 1-9 in the central regions. Make sure to mark these dates for spring outings.

Due to higher temperature expected in February and March than the previous years, there is a possibility of flowers blooming earlier than the forecast.

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Spring Blooms in Jeju-do March 12!

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